Building Communities

At Quantum, we are committed to building communities that work – it‘s as simple as that.

To this end, we carefully select our sites, based on their natural features, their proximity to local amenities, their transport links, and what we believe we can bring to the existing neighbourhood with this site. We then carefully work with our partners to plan a development that adds to the existing neighbourhood in every way possible. We don’t want to just build houses – we want to build innovative, comfortable homes that are carefully designed and meticulously finished in attractive environments that encourage a sustainable lifestyle.

Communities, not houses

In short, we build communities, not houses.

We pay as much attention to the flow of a development, the way in which it fits within a neighbourhood, as we do to the construction process. We want to develop communities that serve every member of the family – local schools for the little ones, great transport links both locally and nationally, close proximity to employers – plus easy access to our main cities and employer hubs. This, to us, is sustainable living – a place that works for every stage of life.