Our ESG Commitment

As a modern company with a strong sense of responsibility and integrity, we are committed to promoting strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies in all aspects of our business.

In today’s Ireland, we believe that this is essential in order to produce real estate that answers the needs of our buyers, our investors and our world.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes, to ensure we are answering Ireland’s need for quality construction delivered in an efficient, safe, cost-effective and sustainable way. These include:

  • Delivering energy-efficient A2 BER (nZEB)-rated sustainable homes
  • Moving towards Zero Energy Building Standards (ZEB), incorporating increased renewable energy
  • Utilising modern methods of construction and continuing to push the boundaries of sustainable methodology
  • Managing soil and waste safely and sustainably
  • Incorporating design-led green functionality and layout in homes
  • Protecting and encouraging biodiversity in our communities
  • Promoting green procurement and responsible sourcing in our supply chain

ESG and our people

As a people-centred business, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our interactions with our people, our buyers, our clients and our investors.

Our aim is to create a caring, inclusive and human environment; this, we believe, has a positive effect for everyone who comes into contact with Quantum, from our valued employees to the communities that we build and invest in. Some of our social strategies include:

  • Creating a seamless customer experience
  • Building and creating sustainable communities
  • Promoting an equal, diverse and inclusive workforce
  • Ensuring health and safety for both our employees and in the build and design of our homes
  • Working with housing bodies to provide housing for all